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Student Testimonials: Student Testimonials


“I have found Joe to be an excellent teacher and really easy to be around. Joe is always really encouraging and gets exactly the right balance of weaving in new tunes and skills while reinforcing what we have been through already. I am loving it!”

Sue Baker

"Joe Strang was recommended to me following local enquiries and I could not be happier.  We swapped a few emails about music tastes, particular aims and mutually agreed the best place to have a lesson - home or away!  Joe is an excellent teacher; he is very knowledgeable, patient and always explains both the theory and tips on how to master the techniques he is teaching me.  He always leaves me with a couple of different versions of the same song (eg. open chords and barre chords). His ability to play many different styles of both acoustic and electric guitar is undeniable, both from his online media and having seen him perform live with a band. After every lesson, he sends out the material that we covered with recordings of him playing what he taught me plus tabs, chord patterns etc.  He is well organised including outlook appointments for my lessons and a dropbox for the teaching material; he is punctual and has never been late for a lesson. He always observes strict Covid protocols acknowledging that he has a number of students that he aims to keep safe and well (as well as himself and his family).  In summary, I believe I have really lucked-in and would have no hesitation in recommending Joe to friends and family should they be looking to improve their guitar playing, no matter what their standard."

Phillip Norman

“Being a complete novice with a guitar, I did have some apprehension about getting lessons, but Joe has been amazing! He is really friendly & also very patient, which helps me. He tailored lessons to meet my needs, by mixing learning chords and basics with trying to learn individual songs that I would like to (one day!!) play! He also sends videos and notes over to assist my solo practices. I would highly recommend! "

Bobbie Folan

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